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Video surveillance experts since 2005

We can design and build video surveillance systems based on professional and innovation-oriented network infrastructures.

It is known that video surveillance systems today require a multidisciplinary preparation. We know that, because we have learned from field experience. This means:

  • an in-depth networks knowledge, in order to be able to set up the bandwidth capacity required to manage video streams
  • the knowledge of the basic rules of photography, in order to set up the framing during installation
  • the expertise in the most advanced recording systems, which allows a multi-user set up and the perfect integration with video analysis software, third-party software and plug-ins
  • the knowledge on privacy regulations and rules

Our know-how allows us to guarantee robust, scalable and reliable systems to end users in a wide range of vertical sectors.

The certifications gained over the years, and periodically renewed, have led us to manage even critical systems. One example? The security and safety management inside tunnels.

From surveillance systems or public administrations to access control systems for the industry

sistemi di video sorveglianza

The electronic eye, able to get image streams of up to 30 fps at 4k resolution, the use of H264-H265 video compression systems and the increasingly high performance of the networks, allow us to implement infinite applications for any vertical sector:

  • data capturing
  • data generation and transfer by video analysis software
  • images transfer in real time through the Web

The sense (“the eye”) digitalization connected to the image-related data processing comes very close to the concept of the human eye connected to the brain.

Urban security and number plate recognition

Tecno World designs and implements city surveillance systems with:

  • Plates recognition cameras
  • Video surveillance cameras

Thanks to the combination of plate recognition systems - at the entrance and exit of the city or of its historical center - and the video surveillance cameras inside the most critical areas, the city achieves two different goals: on the one hand, the system represents a deterrent action and on the other it becomes a strategic tool to understand the dynamics of a crimes or a theft, thanks to the recordings made up to 7 days before the event, in compliance with the current privacy legislation.

Process video surveillance

Thanks to our focus non innovation and our knowledge of the best technologies on the market, we have created a Process Video Surveillance system by integrating 100 fps and HD resolution cameras to the PLC system of industrial machines. In case the production process stops or breaks down, the cameras send a warning alarm and automatically shut down the machinery. The staff can access to the video footage, can identify in real time where the anomaly is and can intervene as quickly as possible to avoid any loss in the production system.

Controllo e velocizzazione del processo produttivo

People and goods video surveillance

We have a strong expertise in the implementation of video surveillance systems, addressed to the most various vertical sectors, from manufacturing to retail, from critical infrastructure to agriculture.

We know how to use the images as a beyond security value, thus generating useful data for marketing purpose, i.e. in retail.

Webcams addressed to local marketing

It is an application that promotes the territory through IP cameras images. These webcams are displayed on portals and tourist sites, with the possibility of live streaming on video channels such as YouTube.