Tecno World Security Quality Innovation Fast Service

The goals have always been our focus. For us, the most important one is to identify the solution that best meets our customers’ needs, in terms of security, quality and delivery time.

We have been a System Integrator since 2005. Year after year, thanks to a strong effort based on perseverance and commitment, we have gained a know-how and IT skills that allow us to meet the specific needs of any kind of customer, whether private individuals, companies or public administrations.

We are curious and we always put a special ingredient in our projects: the passion for technology and innovation! With one main goal among the others: the smart integration of totally different systems on a single network.

Those who know us, say that our strengths are:

  • in-depth knowledge of technology and its evolution
  • continuous research and development activities
  • the ability to design the projects
  • the aptitude for integration
  • the instinct for problem solving

The three key points of our activity: the complete existing system analysis, a tailor-made proposal and the step-by-step project installation


Network Analysis

Technical room, horizontal cabling (copper, fiber), switches, radio links, Internet connection


Systems analysis

Video surveillance, access control, IP communication, PCs, printers, servers, firewalls, etc…