Smart City

The word Smart is a very broad concept and should not be taken in its simple technological meaning.

Behind the word smart there is a complete digitalization process, aimed at sustainability, livability, environmental awareness and economic dynamism values. When associated with the city context, the now well-known Smart City, the ultimate goal of this of this innovation process is to improve the lifestyle of its “end users”, whether citizens, tourists or visitors.

One of the main features of the Smart City is the continuous increase of “multifunctional projects”, i.e. projects with totally different technologies integrated onto a single network.

The territory digitalization model would be strengthened and speed up if the services addressed to the end-user could then be shared between public and private entities.

A strong infrastructure is more than necessary in order to offer the best services to the end-users. The key word here is sharing.

The players involved are providers, public administrations and private institutions such as, for example, heating networks companies or ski-lift operators (if it is a mountain municipality with a winter and summer tourist vocation).